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New Song

2011-04-08 13:44:08 by anthonyrossbach

My new song is up, and going good. Hope you all like and I think I will work on a new one.


2011-04-06 17:30:48 by anthonyrossbach

I was in Bio class and it hit me, the notes to a quick loop that is perfect for a time laps. Its called Time Lap. NO DU!!!! I will upload it and a few other songs late tonight.


2011-04-01 19:42:51 by anthonyrossbach

The song is now up after 2 weeks+. Enjoy!


2011-03-22 14:05:09 by anthonyrossbach

It has been 2 weeks and the music is not getting added to the audio portal. I think they need more staff.

But for now my music is here. ach


2011-03-18 00:38:30 by anthonyrossbach

I have posted a song, when its up we have 3 more to add. Hope you all will like them, they are made with real instruments, very little computer effects; for now.